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Electronics Industry

May 4, 2007

Japanese brands, especially electronics companies, have been gaining ground and often surpassing their American counterparts for decades beginning in the late 20th century. Now that Japan has clearly won the ‘electronic industy battle’, they are looking to win the automotive industry battle.

Electronics Brands

This will be an article that sort of introduces the problem with the Japanese-dominated electronics industry. It is the introduction to my next article on Japanese automakers.

Coming Soon


The Primoris Stipes

December 21, 2006

Welcome to This is my first post.

Statesman was created to give me a place to share my thoughts and opinions (and provide some solutions) on issues in the world today. Primary it will deal with politics, but once in a while I’ll post something completely unrelated to keep it interesting. Please share all your thoughts on my posts by commenting them.

This blog is named after the Holden Statesman, for my lack or creativity and love of cars.

Holden WM Statesman