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Virginia Tech Massacre II

April 30, 2007

Two weeks/ fourteen days/half a month have passed since the Virginia Tech (VT) shootings. Approximately 8 years have gone by since the Columbine High School massacre and barely 6 months since the Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania.

There has been a major school shooting every single year since 1995.

What is going on in America? Why does this keep happening? Why does it seem to get worse and worse every time with every other shooting being tautened as “the most devastating” or as the one with “the highest number of civilians murdered in US history” by the media. Make no mistake about it, the media has their facts right about this – they are the worst, they are record-breaking. Each incident devastates America and calls upon our politicians to make appropriate changes so such massacres never happen again yet they continue on and on.

During Massacre

(Students taking covering during the VTech Massacre)