Virginia Tech Massacre II

Two weeks/ fourteen days/half a month have passed since the Virginia Tech (VT) shootings. Approximately 8 years have gone by since the Columbine High School massacre and barely 6 months since the Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania.

There has been a major school shooting every single year since 1995.

What is going on in America? Why does this keep happening? Why does it seem to get worse and worse every time with every other shooting being tautened as “the most devastating” or as the one with “the highest number of civilians murdered in US history” by the media. Make no mistake about it, the media has their facts right about this – they are the worst, they are record-breaking. Each incident devastates America and calls upon our politicians to make appropriate changes so such massacres never happen again yet they continue on and on.

During Massacre

(Students taking covering during the VTech Massacre)

Nothing will be accomplished or changed if we continue to dwell on the past in the aftermath of each of these shootings. Our government must investigate what exactly caused this shooting to happen, identify the loopholes that allowed it to occur, and figure out ways to prevent it from happening again while still upholding every Americans’ 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

2nd Amendment

Yes, the century old gun debate; I guess I am what you would call pro-gun. I am not an NRA member, or a hunter; in fact, I don’t even own a gun or want anything to do with them. I do, however, believe that we should protectt every single of our 27 Amendments. Many men died so Americans could have the right to bear arms – taking it away would dishonor them and would quite frankly do absolutely nothing to protect us from gun crimes. You can’t stop the willpower of a person. If one truly wants to do something, there is little that can be done to stop him from doing it. Outlawing guns would make them like drugs; almost anyone would be able to get them, but it would make it harder for regular folks with good intentions to do so. In the case of Columbine, outlawing guns would be comparable to minors obtainting alchohol; the minors can get someone else to purchase weapons for them. Guns, especially in America, will always be around and readily available regardless of whether they are legal or not. Any ‘evil’ person can get weapons one way or another and criminalizing them would make it more difficult (and illegal) for people or families seeking protection at their home to do so. As with many sensitive issues, gun control comes down to a compromise between the two extremes. One group wants gun to be legal and “Yay! Guns for everyone!” while the other wants guns outlawed argueing that if there were no guns, or at least less guns, ‘no one would get killed’. The obvious compromise here is that guns remain legal, but there is a certain level of regulation imposed on them. The real problem that remains is to decide to what extent gun are regulated.

School Metal Detector

The perpertrator of the VTech killings is said to have been mentally ill, so of course the government should tighten regulations on the places that sell guns requiring them to have viewed or have been presented proof that a possible gun buyer has a clean crimal and medical record . This can be done by having an official notorized document issued by a police presinct that clears a person as mentally stable and capable of responsibly using and owning a gun based on having a clean crime record. Imagine this document as being similar to a passport – it cannot be easily forged and is taken very seriously by the gun shops that would be required to inspect and verify it before selling a gun to a potential client. People with a history of mental illness or a questionable past would not be allowed to purchase a weapon. Major schools or colleges or those with a high crime rate in their respective areas would have metal detectors surround all entrance doors to all buildings. All other major public buildings could install similar metal detectors at their discretion. Guns will be allowed on all private property if the owner permits. Much more action must be taken; I can’t outline it all, but I will try to explain the basic idea.. In short, gun control will be controlled similarly to how it is today with regulations being tightened when it comes to who may legally purchase a gun and emphasis being placed on protecting people at public buildings, especially schools.


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